Environmental impact assessment report

Table of contents
Table of contents
Volume 1 EIAR Non Technical Summary
EIAR Non Technical Summary (English & Irish)
Volume 3 EIAR Appendices
1-1 Application Drawings
1-2 Strategic Infrastructure Development Determination - An Bord Pleanala
1-3 Environmental Scoping Report
1-4 Consultation Responses
1-5 Community Engagement Report
2-1 Turbine Delivery Route Assessment Drawings
2-2 Construction Environmental Management Plan
2-3 EirGrid Specification (Typical Trench Bedding Details)
2-4 Outline Construction Methodology report
2-5 Foresty Report
2-6 Recreation Development Plan
2-7 Traffic Management Plan
2-8 Flood Risk Assessment
2-9 Peat Stability Risk Assessment
4-1 List of wind Farm planning applications within County Donegal
4-2 List of Wind Farm Planning Applications Within a 20km Radius of the Proposed Project Site
4-3 List of Planning Applications within 10km of the Proposed Project Site
5-1 List of Existing and Proposed Receptors (Properties and Buildings) within 2km of the Proposed Project Site
6-1 Scientific names of species mentioned in the Biodiversity chapter
6-2 Aquatic Report
6-3 Freshwater Pearl Mussel Review
6-4 Bat Assessment Report
6-5 Protected Species Records
6-6 Invasive Species Management Plan
7-1 Bird Survey Methods
7-2 Bird Survey Results
7-3 Flightline Maps
7-4 Golden Eagle Survey Report (2020 and 2021)
7-5 Golden Eagle Survey Report (2022)
7-6 Golden Eagle Topography Modelling Report
7-7 Collison Risk Modelling Report
7-8 Golden Eagle Population Model Report
7-9 Golden Eagle Habitat Management Plan
8-1 Site Investigation Locations
8-2 Spoil and Peat Management Plan
9-1 Surface Water Management Plan
9-2 Aquifer Test Results
10-1 WindPRO Shadow Flicker Modelling Report
11-1 Aviation Assessment Report
11-2 Feedback from Telecommunication Stakeholders
12-1 Glossary of Acoustic Terms
12-2 Noise Meter Calibration Certificates
12-3 Noise Modelling Assumptions and Inputs
12-4 Tabulated Omni-directional Results – Upper End of Turbine Range
12-5 Tabulated Omni-directional Results – Lower End of Turbine Range
12-6 Noise Contours (Upper End of Turbine Range)
13-1 Viewpoint Assessment
13-2 Landscape and Visual Assessment - Mapping
14-1 Carbon Calculation Worksheet
15-1 Bibliography
15-2 Legislative Context
15-3 Figures
16-1 Road Safety Audit
16-2 Traffic Survey Count Data